A wise man once said “there are three things that are 100% certain in life”:

1. We will be born
2. We will die one day
3. Law Enforcement Officers will have a horrible amount of stress and psychological disorders in their length of service.”

And you know what? He was right!

Stress and all the psychological impacts it has upon a law enforcement officer’s body and mind are a major contributing factor to many of the ills that befall police officers and other law enforcement professionals. The problems of stress seem inherent in the law enforcement profession in general and no one seems immune to its toxic effects.

A career in law enforcement can become very toxic… and is surrounded with many dangers both overt and hidden. In the course of an average day a law enforcement officer might have to deal with violent offenders, sexual predators, toxic chemicals, auto accidents, drunks, tragedy, trauma, death and destruction and that’s just before lunch.

The symptoms of excessive and un-managed stress in law enforcement includes: suicide, depression, alcohol and drug abuse, domestic violence, heart attacks, cancer, disability and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. These are the “Hidden Dangers” of a career in law enforcement and might be the result of chronic or cumulative un-managed stress.

All of the things mentioned above can cause stress on the officer’s body and mind, their family and our nation as a whole. Some of this stress is short lived and may dissipate quickly. Other stresses are more insidious and may be spread over an entire career, leading to more chronic problems within both their body and mind. When coupled with the disruptions of shift work, fatigue, poor nutrition and inadequate self care, the situation is rife for major and long-term problems.

Themed “Managing Stress in Time of Crisis”, this 2-day intensive workshop involves both the officer and the respective agency’s commitment to change the individual and group’s response to these disturbing factors. We look forward to assisting YOU to plan for a happy, healthy and successful careers, relationships and lives.