The Government is regarded as one of the most important driving forces behind the Social Responsibility agenda and it has a particularly pivotal role to play in the creation of an enabling SR environment and many government organizations are making significant advances in this field.

For this reason, the theme of this Symposium “Administration for Social Innovation” was born out to reflect the objective of this 2-day event to assist our Malaysian Government, its Ministries, Agencies, Local Authorities, State Governments in embedding a Social Responsible culture and strategies in public administration. In due course, it could further leverage the Government in achieving a Socially Aware, Economically Viable and Sustainable Administration towards becoming a high income nation society by 2020.

Governments are expected to play a key role in promoting the economic, social and environmental conditions that favour more inclusive and sustainable development. However, Governments are under pressure with the challenge of facilitating the said transition to a more efficient economy, in conjunction with a fairer and more sustainable society.

Our Government’s primary goal remains in contributing to the competitiveness of our country which in turn has been described as fundamental for a Malaysia’s sustainability.  No doubt, Government actions are essential to creating an enabling environment for private sector development that diminishes risks, lowers costs and barriers of operation, and raises rewards and opportunities for competitive and responsible private enterprises.

Having said that how has the Malaysian Government fair thus far in their own domain in order to be credible advocates of being Socially Responsible? Are the government initiatives only enhanced and launched nearing to the General Election as perceived and seen by many? How can such perception be erased and clarified? A key concern is on how to shift these Social Responsibility processes to outcomes that benefits all levels of the Malaysian society.

This 2-day conference takes a different approach on the Role of the Government in Social Responsibility, Challenges for Public Administrator in Understanding and Meeting Obligations to Stakeholders, Government Social Responsibility Road Map and KPIs, ISO26000 – Building a Social Responsible Malaysia for Public Sector and a Workshop on the Social Enterprise – Wave of the Future: Socially Aware, Economically Viable and Ultimately Sustainable.

Targeted Organization

Ministries, Government Agencies, Local Authorities, Public & Private Universities / Colleges, Government Linked Companies, State Governments, State Owned Companies.

Who Should Attend

Secretary General, Deputy Secretary GeneralDirector & Deputy Director General, Chief Executive Officer from the Government Agencies, Chief Strategy , Corporate, Regulatory & Corporate Communications from Government Link Companies, Special Officer (Key Performance Indicator) to the Minister / Deputy Minister, Division of Management Services, Department of Development, Department of Policy and Strategy Planning, Department / Unit of Corporate Communication, Department of Human Resources Development / Training Unit, Key Performance Indicator Unit (under the office of the Sec-Gen), Public and International Affairs Unit, Vice Chancellor / Deputy Vice Chancellor / Director / Deputy Director / Deans /Academicians (Professors), Civil Society Movements / NGOs and Students (preferably venturing into the said field)