In this fourth year initiative, the Symposium presentations and discussions are tailored towards innovation and creativity in making governance structures participative, efficient and solution oriented both in the public and private sector.

Highlights of the Symposium:-

  1. In the era of ‘Malaysia Baru’, What are the new inspirations in place to make Governance truly cross cutting?
  2. Learn from a Swedish Platform (Top 6 Least Corrupt Country by TI CPI 2017) and Indian Platform, why Digital Transformation really matters in improving Governance in the public and private sector
  3. What are the ways of making Whistleblowing more than just theoretical by the First CEO turned whistleblower in Malaysia
  4. What is needed by corporations today to capitalize on the New Breed of Leadership in line with the dynamics of Modern Governance

This Symposium will bring together amongst Senior Officers, Board Members/Board of Governors, C-Level Management, Academicians from our Ministries, Government Agencies, Government Linked Companies, Public Listed Companies, Public & Private Universities, State Owned Companies, Civil Societies and NGOs to come together as a community to advocate for a robust Anti-Corruption Agenda for both the public and private sector.