We go beyond expectation to provide utmost experience to your learning…….

Why MeLearn Global? Our focus is on YOU and is based on our 3 core values; the individual, continuous learning and being a global player on multiple fronts. We concentrate on ensuring your success, working in tandem in achieving your strategic objectives. With a depth of experience unrivalled in the industry, we aim at all times to provide you with a professional, efficient and courteous service and to do our best to improve the standards of the business conferences which we provide. We value your invested investment in our conferences. When you propose our conferences for approvals, we assure you that your focus is not on how much you want to go; but on what you will specifically bring back to your organization as payback for the investment.

Our PASSION lies in managing conferences and organizing exhibitions in which we believe both are the marketplace for global business. We strive to deliver flawless executed conferences and exhibitions – as you’d expect of a top level professional conference organizer. Our Unique Selling Point; we bring you an exceptional team of people who make the experience a pleasure.

We work with national and international organizations, research houses, academics, NGO’s / non-profits , the government sector and the corporate clients. Our clients are our most important stakeholders and lifeblood in our business. And what is the most important thing: You can live without an investor. You can’t live without clients.

MeLearn Global strives to differentiate from competitors. When it becomes time to look for a business conference organiser, look beyond the ordinary. At MLG , it’s business as unusual!