Bullying and Cyber Bullying cases among our youths and school children in our educational institutions has reached a crisis point in Malaysia with several deaths and bullycide incidences that have shocked our nation and still counting… This is the reason why we, the organizer, have decided to come up with this Symposium to bring all the stakeholders of the education fraternity to stand together and take the necessary steps towards zero bullying in our nation and to strengthen the grassroots level in our Educational Institutions.

We have brought together an extensive line up of speakers comprising:-

  1. Father of a Bullycide Victim from USA, a sought after speaker in the area of youth related bullying and hazing
  2. Professor of Behavioural Sciences who is an expert in identifying short and long term effects of bullying, learning needs and intervention
  3. Mother of a Bully Victim, Forensic Pathologist and a Medical Lecturer who is in the process of developing an Anti-Bullying Module for Malaysian schools
  4. Panel of Experts on Cyber Bullying – the latest form of High-Tech Bullying and how to build resilience against cyber bullying in children and youth
  5. Professor of Psychology/Director of a Successful Bullying Prevention Programme in Educational Institutions, a methodology from Finland (a programme that is supported and endorsed by the Ministry of Education Finland)